Standard 10 Meter Tower System

                      Our standard 10 Meter (33 ft.) Tower comes complete with:

  • R.M. Young Wind Monitor Wind Speed and Direction sensor w/ 40 ft. cable
  • CSL Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor w/ 40 ft. cable
  • R.M. Young 6 plate Solar Radiation Shield for Temp/RH sensor
  • R.M. Young Barometric Pressure Sensor w/ Pressure Port, 600-1100 hPa, 0-5 Vdc output
  • Texas Electronics Rain Gauge w/50 ft. cable
  • Weather Resistant 16 X 14 Enclosure w/ tower mounting brackets
  • PS100 12 Volt Battery Backup Power supply (Regulator and 7A/Hr Battery included)
  • CR1000 Measurement and Control Module
  • 10M Tower complete with Tower Base, Ground Kit, Guy Kit and Eyebolt Anchors
  • Loggernet Software
  • Click here for complete Met system specifications and information

Communications Options:

  • Direct RS232, USB or RS485 Interfaces (Distances < 50 feet)
  • Ethernet
  • Short Haul Modem Interface (RS232) for distances up to 4,000 feet
  • Spread Spectrum Radio (line of sight distances up to 20 miles)
  • Land-Line Dialup Telephone
  • Digital Cellular Telephone (Verizon, Alltel, AT&T)
  • Satellite Communications (GOES, Argos, METEOSAT)
  • CompactFlash cards, storage modules, and RAM cards
  • Click here for complete Communications specifications and information

Power Options:

  • AC Power (Includes AC Surge protection)
  • Solar Power

As part of our Standard package, all of the following items are included with your system:

  • All components are installed in the Enclosure
  • Complete System Block Diagram
  • Complete System wiring diagram
  • Complete Datalogger measurement program to your specifications
  • Complete documentation for Loggernet setup

All of our systems are fully assembled and tested here at Adams Environmental Systems Factory. Wherever possible, sensor cables are prewired into the system. System cables not pre-wired are clearly marked with cable labels to facilitate ease of field wiring. The package is designed to get our clients fully functional and collecting data as quickly as possible.

Custom screen captures are provided to facilitate the Loggernet setup. If the computer that has the Loggernet installed on it is on the Internet, our factory technicians can log onto the pc using GoToMyPC on a temporary basis to aide in getting the software up and running.
(GoToMyPC offers a free 30 day trial so there is no cost to our client for this from GoToMyPC)

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